Just As Busy

in this afternoon of February 28, 2013———- Thursday. 1 month to go and I’ll end up this school year. It’s just that I’m listening to a song right now and remember the thing that I’ve been dreaming when I was in highschool. I’m in college right now, and things re usually getting out of my hands. I’m losing grip, losing grip to my dreams. I think more now of passing all my subjects in this sem, thinking school stuffs. Friends, family, and I ain’t got no time to think of myself, that in the first place I should think me, myself before anything else. Lately, just this week I’m thinking of what had happened to me in a year. Everything has changed, i want to be back, back in achieving my dreams, live it for the moment. 

God help me. :(

Renovating this blog.

I’m renovating this blog to something really ME. HAHA! Anyway, I’ll start posting quite significant posts but still have the sense of being young. 

Goodafternoon! :)

Wait, wait, wait…

So I only opened this blog for once or twice maybe? I really can’t remember.. and I’d never came back until this day. I just post the content of this blog just once or twice? but I really can’t imagine that a lot of people will follow this. I mean all you 76 people thank you… This is huge for me because of course, I’m not a Tumblr Famous as what they call for those famous bloggers here, I don’t mean to offend them. In fact I adore them, they’ve done a lot of hardships for their blog to get known…. Kudos for them.. :]. 

But really? a lot of you guys following this blog, it’s awesome Thank You.. and God Bless… A lot of respect to you guys… 

Goodevening… :]